Vitamin A: Requirements and Functions on Aquatic Organisms


  • Luis Hector Hernandez Hernandez UNAM
  • Mario Alfredo Fernández Araiza 2Universidad del Papaloapan Campus Loma Bonita
  • Paola Rueda Curiel UNAM

Palabras clave:

crustaceans, fish, functions, growth, reproduction, requirements, vitamin A


Vitamin A (vitA) plays an important role in several physiological processes including vision, reproduction, embryogenesis, growth and differentiation and maintenance of epithelial cells. The knowledge of vitA on aquatic organisms is still limited, but growing in the last years. For this reason, the aim of the present review is to present an overview of state of the art of the requirements and functions of vitA on aquatic species. Along the review, it is presented the effects of vitA on reproduction, the early embryonic development and actual dietary requirements of several species of fish and crustaceans. As well, are discussed new trends on research to understand completely the role and the actual requirements of this nutrient along the life stages of fish and crustaceans of commercial importance, which might be helping in a further and better development of intensive aquaculture.


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