Alimentary Biostoichiometry Toward a Bigger Productivity and a Low Environmental Impact.


  • Víctor H. Gutiérrez USACH

Palabras clave:

Bioestoichiometry, "Specie-Specific-Stadium"(SSS), Umami.


The "Alimentary Biostoichiometry", was born in our science group like to necessity of
interpretation of countless and complex interrelations and results it causes - effect obtained
in all our chore in nutrition where the sequence interpretations have been conjugated; basic
and applied investigation; disciplines like biotechnology, genetics, molecular biology,
evolution, ethology, physiology, biochemistry, immunochemistry, embryology,
bioenergétic, sciences of the nutrition; cumulative experience among others.
The feeding and nutrition in aquaculture is based fundamentally on charts and preseted
dates which don't consider the relationships phylo and ontogenetics, ontogeny of mobility
and molecular relationships of amino acids integrally for example free amino acids, free
and combined amino acids , and total aa. of proteins, enzymes, peptides etc., ramified aa.,
muscular tissue precursors, aa precursors of collagen, aa. precursors of immunity etc., types
of fatty acids, besides the physiologic state, homeostasis, enzymatic ontogeny, transferases,
ATP-aces, psicrofílic enzymes like CST and AST, habits of natural feeding, umami,
frequency, age etc.
The "Alimentary Biostoichiometry", it conjugates the disciplines approaching the problem
of a more holistic point of view where the essential thing is marked for "modulations" or
changes that are allowed to see as "Specie-Specific-Stadium" (SSS).
Having identified some factors of biomasic grow v/s for example the development of the
digestive capacity and on the other hand the natural morbimortality in larvae of Salmo
salar, have been formulated and developed practical diets according to obtained results,
comparing finally this diets with commercial allowances of high conversion grade.


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